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Career Missionaries

*NOTE: Missionaries to sensitive areas are not listed to ensure their safety and continued access. If a missionary is not listed, please check directly with the World Missions Department to validate their status as their information will NOT be verified via the Internet.  Be advised to NEVER list such missionaries online.

BRIAN & JODI bhd375@gmail.com

CANNON, Mark & Ellen   mark.cannon@agmd.org; http://www.cannonspain.com

CASWELL, Rick & Elaine   rick.caswell@agmd.org

CLARK, Wade and Debbie  htdcs@atlanticbb.net

DEAL, Brett & Elise  brett.deal@agmd.org

FITI, Megan & Tatupu   megan.fiti@agmd.org

FOLTZ, Brad & Shelly   brad.foltz@agmd.org; www.honduras100.org

FREY, Butch & Pam   butch.frey@agmd.org; www.mexicoag.org

GALYEN, Shawn & Debbie   shawn.galyen@agmd.org

HOSCH (HUGHES), Theresa   terry.hosch@agmd.org

HUMPHREYS, Alex & Kathryn   alexander.humphreys@agmd.org; www.livingthedreamjapan.com

KRSTULOVICH (HARDEE), Donna & Steve   teacup777@gmail.com

MARTIN, Don & Johanna   adulteducation@christiancenter.be

MCMILLEN, Charles & Kathleen charlesandkathleen@gmail.com; Skype: charles.mcmillen5

OLSON, David & Cella   David.olson@agmd.org; www.davencelia.com

RAINEY, Ariel   ariel.rainey@agmd.org

SANTMYIRE, Aaron & Heather   aaron.santmyire@agmd.org

SEEVERS, Gary & Deborah   gary.seevers@agmd.org

SMITH, Mark & Sandra   missioncommission@hotmail.com

SPOLARICH, Suzanne   suzanne.spolarich@agmd.org; http://www.SuzanneinFrance.org/

STINE, Rodney & Aida   RKStine1@yahoo.com

TREMENTOZZI, Paul & Angela   ptrementozzi@ag.org; http://europemissions.org/

TYLER, Mike & Cara   michael.tyler@agmd.org; the4tylers.com

VAN DOLSEN, Warren & Laura   warren.vandolsen@agmd.org

WATTS, Delton & Marilyn   deltonw@lifepublishers.org

WHITMAN, Andy & Stacy   awhitva@juno.com; www.whitmansinkenya.com


Missionary Associates

Missionary associates serve in regions throughout the world, some of which are sensitive.  Support for missionary associates is provided through their local church and friends; itineration is not a part of their support-raising matrix. The Potomac Ministry Network is home to more than thirty world missionary associates.

Mark Lehmann

Email: missions@potomacag.org

Home For Itineration

Steve and Donna Hardee-Krstulovich

Aaron and Heather Santmyire

MAPS Representatives
Dave and Linda Nichols